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mass schedule

Sunday Mass @ 800 Marquette Ave. (current as of 3/2021)
Confessions  3:00pm
Mass of Anticipation  4:00pm
7:30am, 9:30am and 11:30am
*doors will open 15 minutes prior to the 9:30 and 11:30am Masses to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitization between the Masses.
Thank you for your patience!
Weekday Mass Schedule
800 Marquette Avenue


8:00 a.m.    Mass
6:00 p.m.    Mother of Perpetual Help and Rosary (in the Chapel at 695 College Avenue)
7:45 a.m.    Mother of Perpetual Help
8:00 a.m.    Mass followed by Rosary
8:00am.      Mass 
8:00 a.m.    Mass
8:00 a.m.    Mass
8:00 a.m.    Mass followed by Rosary
Eucharistic Adoration
@ 695 College Ave. in the Chapel
  • Every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 p.m.
  • Benediction at 4:00 p.m.
Occasionally these times may change. Please refer to the Parish Bulletin or Calendar for updated times.

Catholic Comeback Mass & Prayer Schedule

(updated 10/05/2020; current as of 3/2021)
Daily Mass Opportunities
Daily Mass, with 25% capacity (250 people) is held at 800 Marquette Ave. at 8am, Monday – Saturday.
This is a temporary measure until we are through the phases of the comeback plan from the Archdiocese.  Please continue to pray for our community and for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.
Weekend Mass Opportunities
Mass will be held at 800 Marquette Ave on Saturday at 4:00 pm and Sunday at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 am.  **Effective October 4, 2020**
Doors will open 15 minutes prior to Mass for the 9:30 and 11:30 am Masses;  this is to allow enough time for cleaning and sanitizing our worship space between Masses.
Here are some of Divine Mercy's Mass practices/specifics:
  • There is a 250-person capacity for our Masses. This the 25% of our current seating capacity, which allows for safe distancing for those attending. Once we have met capacity, we will not be able to accommodate extra people.  In the event we do reach capacity, we ask that you attend one of our other Mass offerings.  Additional Mass times will be considered as attendance increases.
  • Masks are required in accordance with local and state health mandates. 
  • Hand sanitizer is necessary before entering the Church.
  • Ushers will seat parishioners EVERY OTHER ROW, at a safe distance.  Members of the same family may sit close, but at least 6 feet distance between others. Ushers will start at the front, and work their way back in order to keep an eye on capacity.    Please respect and do as the ushers ask of you so we all fit safely.
  • Bathrooms are available, however, we ask that you take care of business before coming to Mass in order to eliminate close contact in the bathrooms.
  • Once Mass has ended, we ask that you exit immediately and go straight home.  

Are you Homebound or unable to return to Mass at this time?  We are praying with and for you!  Our livestream will take place at the 7:30 a.m. Mass, but you can access it at any time on Sunday through our YouTube Channel and Facebook
Reconciliation Offerings
The sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is offered every Saturday, beginning at 3:00 p.m. at our 800 Marquette Avenue location or anytime by appointment (call the Parish Office at 414-762-6810).
Both Fr. Joe and Fr. Harry will be available to hear confessions at Marquette Avenue.  In order to provide safe distance and still maintain confidentiality, they will be utilizing the classrooms just off our Gathering Area.  The waiting area will be in the large room of the Gathering Space.  Please note there is a capacity of 35 people in the Gathering Space.  
Procedures for Reconciliation at Divine Mercy
  • Enter through the narthex door, and hand sanitize upon entering.  Masks are required. 
  • Please wait at a safe distance of 6 feet between each person in the large room.  Seats WILL NOT be available at this time, as we are unable to sanitize properly.  
  • Once the priest is ready, proceed down the hallway and enter the room.  Do not wait in the hallway.  As people exit, the next person can enter.
  • Confessions will be heard behind a screen.  Penitents will need to stand, as we must limit  physical contact with items, and there isn’t enough time to sanitize between confessions.
  • Shut the door behind you, and leave your mask on during confession (for both the priest’s and your protection).
  • Use a cleaning wipe to open the door as you leave and throw your used wipe away in the provided trash can in the hallway.
  • If staying for Mass, please enter the church through the narthex in order for the ushers to maintain an accurate count for capacity.  
  • If choosing not to stay for Mass, please exit out of the building through the front doors on YOUR LEFT.  A sign will direct you.
We are so glad to be able to offer this Sacrament of Healing once again.  Thank you for following our procedures.  Your cooperation is what allows everyone to remain healthy and safe, and for us to keep the doors open so people can encounter Christ, be formed in Christ, and proclaim Christ. May the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you!
Eucharistic Adoration 
Weekly Eucharistic Adoration is held every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in our Chapel at 695 College Avenue.
 Each week will follow the same format:
  • 9am- Exposition, Angelus, and Rosary
  • 3pm- Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • 4pm- Benediction
Just like at Mass, there are several safety procedures that need to be followed. Only 10 people are allowed in the Chapel at a time and safe, social distancing must be observed. Our cleaning crew will be in every hour to clean and disinfect.  Masks are required in accordance with current local and state health mandates.  You must use the provided hand sanitizer before entering the Chapel.
If you are interested in leading the Rosary or Chaplet any of the weeks, please contact the parish office.