Divine Mercy Catholic Community | South Milwaukee, WI

Bread Making Ministry

Here at Divine Mercy, bread making is a ministry of hospitality.  The bread is used to welcome new parishioners.  Shortly after a family joins the parish, they will receive a drop off visit from a member of the Welcoming Ministry.  The homemade bread will be delivered in a gift bag along with other pertinent letters and brochures about the parish.

This ministry is very flexible in that you can work at home, and you can pick the day and time you bake.  A bread maker will be asked to bake a loaf of white bread every other month.  We have a Group A and a Group B.  The groups alternate throughout the year so that we receive bread monthly.   The bread should be delivered to the Parish Office at 695 College Ave.    Wrap it up and put your name on it, along with the words, “Bread Ministry.”

From the Parish Office, the “drop-off” bag is picked up from a member of the Welcoming Committee who will make the brief visit.  Some bread bakers opt to do the drop-off piece as well which is fine.

Most bread makers bake two: one for Divine Mercy and one for supper that night.

New bakers are always needed.  Please help us welcome the stranger. 

Contact Person: Sue Repa, Pastoral Assistant
762-6810 ext. 3208