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About the Ministry

  As a “Welcoming Volunteer” you are representing the parish. Since so much of registration happens via telephone, email, or mail, you may be the first real person the new parishioner encounters.  First impressions matter!  As a representative of Divine Mercy, it is important for you to carry out our Gospel mission of being loving, kind, and non-judgmental.  Offer the new family a sense of belonging.  Familiarize yourself with the brochures in the gift bag.  If you don’t know an answer to a question, assure them that you will find out. 

Audrey Ricard, a parishioner and volunteer, coordinates the drop-off visits via email.  She will match you up with a new family within your vicinity.  When you receive the information to go ahead and make your visit, make your phone call to the new family to set up a drop-off time.  Next, contact Sue Repa, at the parish office to pick up a loaf of bread. (762-6810 ext. 3208)  Keep in mind that the bread may have to thaw out, so give yourself ample time.  When the drop-off visit is complete, contact Audrey with a “Mission Accomplished” message so that we can keep accurate records.

We are calling it a “Drop-off Visit” to give the impression of a short visit.  We don’t want the new family to stress about someone coming into their home, sitting down, etc.  A brief conversation of welcome in the doorway is fine.  Encourage them to contact the office with questions.  Because so many people work during the day, sometimes the drop-off visits have to be in the evening.  If a message is left on their answering machine, it should be something like this:
Welcome to Divine Mercy Parish!! My name is ____. I’m a parishioner and a volunteer. Here at Divine Mercy we like to bring new parishioners a loaf of home made bread as a welcome gift.  I would like to simply drop this bread off on a day and time that works best for you.  I will try calling again at a different time.  Feel free to call me back when you hear this message.  I look forward to meeting you.

Every family is different and there may be unusual circumstances.  Please feel free to contact either Audrey or myself at any time.  The key is to remain flexible!!

If you are interested in joining this ministry, contact:

Sue Repa   Audrey Recard
762-6810 ext. 108                        762-4638