Divine Mercy Catholic Community | South Milwaukee, WI

Nancy Schmitt
Nancy Schmitt
Greeter Coordinator

I personally believe that greeting is an important ministery at Divine Mercy Parish. As a greeter you get the opportunity to meet parishioners and make new freinds. A smile can't hurt anyone. You can also welome visitors, who are new to the parish. I find when I go to church I don't belong to, it feels good to be welcomed as I enter their doors. A smile and hello is the best greeting. If you would like to join us, we would  appreciate your service to the parish.

  • Greeter Procedures

    Here are the procedures for how to be a greeter:

    1.  Arrive at your scheduled mass 30 minutes before mass begins.  

    2.  Greeter ID tags are kept in the usher's room.  Please wear your Greeter badge so that you will be recognized as a minister to all who enter.

    3.  Stand by the doors of the new main entrance and welcome all who enter.

    4.  Nancy Schmitt, the greeter coordinator, will be there to assist you the first time.  You will probably be scheduled for a Sunday 9:00 am mass the first time you are a greeter.

    Thank you!

  • Greeter Links

    Are you a current greeter looking for your online schedule?  Are you looking to sign up to be a greeter at Divine Mercy?  Either of those can be accomplished by clicking the "Ministry Schedules" link on the left.