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The Altar
Jeanne Grady
Jeanne Grady
Sacristan Coordinator

I love this ministry because it is a “quiet” ministry.   Most people are unaware of the sacristan’s duties, or who carries them out.   I like the idea of working quietly, behind the scenes as a service to God and the parish.

Sacristans have the honor of preparing the sacred vessels used during the consecration of each mass.  We place the unconsecrated hosts in the vessel used by the priest to distribute communion and pour the  wine into the cups used by parishioners to drink the precious blood.  But before this very important task, the sacristan unlocks the church doors before the 4:00PM and 7:30 masses, and locks them after the 4:00 PM and 11:00 AM masses.    We turn on the church lights and are responsible to have everything in its place which the priest will need during the mass.

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    Are you a current sacristan looking for your online schedule?  Are you looking to sign up to be a sacristan at Divine Mercy?  Either of those can be accomplished by clicking the "Ministry Schedules" link on the left.