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Sr. Parish-Guatemala
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The mission of Divine Mercy’s commitment with the people of Chinique, Guatemala and their parish Senior de Esquipules is to build a relationship as an active, mutual and ongoing partnership with two faith communities to bond together spiritually, culturally, and economically.

The committee includes Divine Mercy’s pastor, a staff representative and others who volunteer their time to discuss issues necessary to accomplish the goals stated in the mission statement.

The goals include communicating with the parish,and school personnel in Chinique mostly through Sr. Jan Gregorich who travels there on a regular basis. Divine Mercy parish is building a relationship with the people in Chinique by taking trips there and learning about them and their culture.

The committee has made a commitment to supporting approximately 25 students to further their education beyond 6th grade, by sending scholarship money to them on a yearly basis.
Assisting the sisters and teachers in their work has been another goal as well as supporting water projects as part of the Divine Mercy’s outreach.

Contact Bill Fenger at 762-5643 or Kristin Nowak at 762-6810x3209 if you are interested in this ministry.