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Divine Mercy is excited to be hosting the Vatican's Eucharistic Miracles exhibit
April 11-14, 2024!


All are welcome to this free exhibition and to pray with us!

See further below for the links from Ron Gamache's  presentation.

Ron Gamache, Eucharistic Missionary, gave a presentation on what the Eucharistic Miracles are all about and about Blessed Carlo Acutis, the saint in the making, responsible for curating this wonderful exhibition.  We did record Ron's presentation. However, upon review, the audio quality was insufficient for sharing.  Links from his presentation are below and give those who were unable to attend a good idea of what the Miracles are all about and why they are so important.  

Ron showed three videos during his presentation:

True Food and True Drink

Fr. Mathew Simonar’s Homily

 (Fr.'s homily begins at the 20:50 mark)

The Veil Removed 

(The Veil Removed is a short film that reveals the coming together of heaven and earth at Mass, as seen by saints and mystics, revealed by scripture and in the catechism of the Catholic Church.)

Ron also summarized his presentation with information and more links that can be found here.

Learn about Blessed Carlo Acutis here:

Click here for a clearer, larger copy of the above information.


About Ron Gamache: 

 "I have always been a “cradle” Catholic; but growing up, I didn’t understand why the Catholic Church was so special.  It wasn’t until after I retired in November of 2016, that I came to appreciate the uniqueness of the Catholic Faith.

The Blessed Carlo Acutis Vatican International Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit opened my eyes to why we are Catholic.  The awesome reality that the Creator of the Universe is Truly Present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, in the Form of a Consecrated Host sets the Catholic Church apart from all other religions.

It’s difficult to comprehend, that when we receive Holy Communion, we are physically consuming Almighty God, Who we will all stand before in judgment after we die.  God has given us irrefutable scientific evidence; to prove to us that He is Truly Present in a Consecrated Host.

This Truth has compelled me to devote the rest of my life to testifying to the Truth of Our Lord’s Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.  During the Eucharistic Revival currently underway in America, all faith-filled Catholics are called to become Eucharistic Missionaries by boldly and courageously professing to everyone the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist."  

Euch Miracles