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Divine Mercy Women's Retreat

My Dear Parishioners,

On behalf of the Divine Mercy’s Women’s Retreat Committee, I want to thank all the women who attended our 6th Annual Women’s Retreat on Saturday, October 16th, 2021.  Thank you to our planning committee, Cheryl Heiser, Geri Gerschke, Laurie Bania, Janet Hoffmann and Cathy Wendt for your time and commitment to planning this retreat. To all the volunteers, Mike Bania, Glenn Gerschke, Manny Torres, Ted Zanon and Carol Stolpa. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to the wonderful, inspirational speakers - Janet Hoffmann who spoke about “Unshakeable Hope,” Sue Repa who shared her testimony of losing a child too soon by “Embracing the Storm,” and Laurie Bania spoke about “Women of the Bible, during stormy waters.”

We were privileged to have two amazing young women, Mikaela Janes and Ellie Hoffmann, college students who spoke and mesmerized us with their recent journeys finding the Lord in their lives. They moved, inspired and made us hopeful in bringing our young adults back to church.  A huge thank you to the Christian Women’s Group, Fr. Joe and his staff for being supportive for these past six years.  We thank you!!

The theme this year was, Jesus, Our Anchor which seemed so fitting for the challenges we are facing today. After postponing the event last year, it was a perfect time to come together for sisterhood. The speakers were so moving, my heart and soul were being filled with the Lord’s word. It was amazing to witness firsthand this circle of women, of all ages, coming together in sisterhood.

I want to leave you with this thought below.

Hope is “an anchor of the soul, sure and firm” (Hebrews 6:19).  Like an anchor dropped at sea, preventing a ship from drifting away, Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return to heaven brought assurance and stability to the believers’ lives.  This hope for the future cannot and will not be shaken loose!  Jesus anchors our souls, so we won’t drift away from our hope in God.  Anchor your hope in the Lord.

God Bless You and Your Families. With God’s blessings, we will see you next year!

    -Dali Galaviz