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  Encounter.  Form.  Proclaim.


Divine Mercy's Youth Group is open to all youth grades 6-12.  We meet at 800 Marquette Avenue in South Milwaukee, WI 53172 on Mondays, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. 

Thanks to all who joined our Mardi Gras Party on February 12, 2024!  We'll keep meeting for the month of February on the 19th & 26th, take a break during the Parish Mission, and then continue meeting in March - May.  

Our format usually includes food and social time, along with games, discussion, and prayer and reflection.   We are going to be focusing a lot of our time this semester on forming relationships--with each other as a youth community and with God.  This will be through more conversations that will be in line with the 3 themes of Lent, along with other issues kids may bring up from week-to-week.  While our Lifeteen format has been very beneficial, we notice that it seems to feel too much like a formal religion class at times rather than a youth group.  Our hope is that we can reinforce what is already being taught in formation and religion classes at school through some fun and meaningful ways in our weekly get togethers.  Please stay tuned for our upcoming schedule.

Contact the Parish Office for more details at 414-762-6810 or  

Come join us and bring a friend!

We'd be honored to pray for you! Let us know what you need down below :)

If you want us to post your prayer request so that others can storm Heaven for you too, select "Yes" under "Post to the Web?"

Helpful Links

  • One of the best ways to get to know Jesus is through Sacred Scripture! If you aren't used to reading Scripture, a great place to start is the daily Mass readings. If you're hungry for more, you can access the whole Bible here. Make sure to select the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition.
  • Fr. Mike Schmitz is a phenomenal Catholic priest, author, and speaker. He makes videos about all types of topics relating to the Catholic faith. Check them out here.
  •  Check out what the United States Council of Catholic Bishops has to say about forming our youth and adolescents!  These documents are super helpful in guiding parents, teachers, catechists, and church leaders in planning and implementing prayerful and meaningful opportunities for our young people to grow in relationship with Christ and His Church.  Read about them here.
  •  Divine Mercy facilitates our meetings through the Lifeteen series.  Parents and youth can access information.  Contact the parish office to get more access.
  • Looking for an app to grow in the areas of prayer, sacraments, and Word of God?  Consider downloading the Hallow App.  With hundreds of prayers, spiritual talks, and scripture reading plans, you can pray and learn with several notable Catholics from around the world.  And, you’ll have the advantage of telling others you prayed the Rosary with Donny Wahlberg!
  • Do you have questions about the Catholic faith? The Catechism of the Catholic Church has answers! It's a difficult read, but it's chock-full of our faith's doctrines and dogmas. If you need something explained in simpler terms, check out the Youcat, the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church!