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The Prayer and Worship Committee serves to support the liturgical ministries and to assist with the preparation for the liturgical and prayer life of the parish community.  This commission collaborates and consults with members of the pastoral staff in regard to the formation and training of ministers for the Eucharist and other sacraments, as well as preparing sacred environments and liturgical resources.

Areas of Responsibility
The Prayer and Worship Committee is responsible for these key functions:
  • Prepare for worship by planning the liturgical seasons and feasts which reflect the diversity of the congregation.
  • Educate and form for liturgy by informing and forming the commission and the entire parish about liturgical guidelines and practice.
  • Provide various forms of prayer by offering seasonal, cultural, and spirituality-related prayer experiences as applicable to and supported by parishioner groups.
  • Recruit, prepare and organize the liturgical ministers to serve at the various liturgies and prayer experiences in the parish.
  • Ensure that the worship space is cared for, maintained, furnished, and decorated with genuine and quality elements by monitoring the space, providing seasonal liturgical environments, and recommending updates and improvements as needed.
  • Serve as a resource for liturgical music by ensuring that the selection and performance of music follows universal norms, is appropriate and allows for the full participation of the assembly, and incorporates cultural elements.
  • Assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of worship activity by conducting regular evaluation involving parishioners.
  • Review and evaluate the worship budget in conjunction with the Director of Worship & Evangelization and the Finance Council.
  • Implement universal and Archdiocesan Church liturgical guidelines and practices by ensuring that the commission is familiar with the guidelines and practices and that parish practice is consistent with liturgical documents.


Ex Officio Members: 

Father Joe Sebastian, MCBS

Amanda Decker, Director of Worship and Evangelization

Shawn Karvonen, Pastoral Council Liaison


Angie Paniagua, Prayer and Worship Committee Chairperson     

Carol Dufek, Sacristan Coordinator     

Angie Paniagua, Eucharistic Minister Coordinator    

Chana Bannister, Lector Coordinator

Chuck Kendall, Altar Server Coordinator

Jim Marsh, Usher Coordinator

Jenelle Mancheski and Vanessa Schmoll, Environment Coordinators

Sue Irwin and Dennis Irwin, Eucharistic Adoration Coordinators

If you are interested in getting involved with this vibrant committee, please contact Angie Paniagua at or the parish office at 414-762-6810 or

To get involved with the ministries listed, please contact the Ministry Coordinators listed above through their link.  See the Ministries Page for more information on each liturgical ministry.