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About the Ministry
We began in January 2010 as a parish wide endeavor.  All of the diapers are made from recycled t-shirts and donated to areas of extreme poverty in and outside the U.S.  There is a core group of sewers who work in their own homes.  Almost every parishioner can get involved on some level: donating t-shirts, sorting, cutting, making soaker panels, sewing diapers, making fajuelas. (the ties)  One t-shirt equals one diaper, so if the t-shirt is an XL, the diaper is big.  We make small, med., & large diapers, for all size babies.  A soaker panel is attached on one side only for better drying on a clothes line. 

So far, we have sent diapers to Guatemala, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and an orphanage in Miami, Florida run by the Missionaries of Charity for handicapped children. We have talked with many of the caregivers, listened to their needs, and respected their culture and traditions.

We continue to ask the parishioners for donations of new or used t-shirts in all sizes either all cotton or a 50/50 blend.  All colors are okay as well as t-shirts with emblems.  Jobs for this ministry include sorting, cutting, and very easy sewing or surging.  It is a project that can involve people of all skill level.

*We are currently in need of a coordinator for this ministry.  Group activity has been suspended until we have a volunteer willing to take over.*

If you are interested in leading this ministry, please contact the Parish Office at 414-762-6810.